Friday, June 14, 2013

Festival Program (so far...)


Friday 5th July 6pm-8pm - Festival launch party! With huge collaborative scribble project, live music from Timothy and Wilderness and more.

Saturday 6th July -

10am-12pm - Good Vibe Notes with Lisa Currie of the Scribble Project -
1pm - 3pm - DIY fashion with Ali Pyrke

Tuesday 9th July-
10am - 3pm - Small Press is open for zine making!
12-2pm - Feminist zine swap/chat with Laura Kay of Betty Mag - Come and bring your zines, chat and have cake and tea while we plot to smash the patriarchy.

Wed 10th July -
10am - 3pm - Small Press is open for zine making!

Thursday 11th July
10am - 3pm - Small Press is open for zine making!
6pm - 8pm - Down There comic series launch! with performances by the Hobart Improv Collective -

Friday 12th July
10am - 3pm - Small Press is open for zine making!
7:30pm - House Writers' Festival -

Saturday 13th July

10am - 12pm - Time Capsule workshop with Lisa Currie of the Scribble Project -
7pm - 9pm - Closing party and zine fair! Come and trade/sell your zines. Free entry

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today is a good day to make a zine.

Here is a little clip to get you started making your first zine. This is merely a guide, you can really make it however you want. This is just a neat way of fitting a zine on an A4 piece of paper.

Make a mini zine (with cute muzac)

You may be wondering, can I make a zine about favourite zuchinni varieties? Can I make a zine about poo? Can I make a zine about the birds I notice playing in my gutters? Can I make a zine with no words, just drawings of autumn leaves? Can I make a zine of ways to pimp my (bike) ride so it looks like a dream machine? The answer is yes. You can make a zine about anything you want and the best way to do it is just get started.Today.  I keep a bunch of small cards with me wherever I go so I can make pages for my next zine. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from overhearing something strange, finding something on the ground or seeing something in the clouds. You are a future zine machine. Show us what you got.

 Also, definitely come along to this. There will be lots of activities to get you inspired about making zines, including a mini zine fair. Email to book a table.

Monday, May 13, 2013

what's a zine?

small press
a zine festival in Hobart

Friday 5th July - Saturday 13th July
upstairs from Frankie's Empire, 129 Elizabeth St. Hobart

what is a zine?
a zine is a thing
it is like the back-end of maga-zine
that's how you say it anyway, 'zeen'
but it's different to a magazine
sure, it's usually made of paper
but sometimes it's made of other things

people write in zines, draw in zines
they are made by all kinds of people
they are self published
and they can be about anything!
some people make zines which are little collections of their artwork
others write zines about politics, breakfast, weaving, dreams, jokes, bike riding...
actually, anything. actually, everything.

do you remember the first project you made at school
maybe it was about whales or dirt or green, or something
remember the extreme satisfaction from making something yourself
something you could hold in your hands
i get that same feeling when I make a zine
and i don't need a publishing deal to get it into the world
i just photocopy it
cut it up and bind it with thread
and it's done
my zine is called 'i hope your slingshot slings'
yours could be called anything you want

small press is about making zines
and making things yourself
just going for it
because you can
everyone knows something

there will be all kinds of things happening in the space above frankie's empire, from the 5th-13th July.

 keep an eye on this page for event details...